Monday, December 03, 2012

slacker prompt

Considering it is the first of December and I am just now responding to this prompt, it has been an excessively busy semester. I have gone to school every semester, save two, since high school. In that time, I have gotten married and had two kids. I wouldn’t recommend it. Going to school is tough while trying to raise a young family and though each semester comes with its own set of difficulties, I have never worked while going to school. Now that I am it seems, as each day passes, I have less and less time to complete the smallest of tasks. Luckily, I thrive on last minute panic. The same kind of panic we discussed on Friday. I do well with deadlines which is probably why this blog has been so difficult for me. It slips constantly to the bottom of my priority list. Anyway, Thanksgiving was wonderful. My parent’s invited us over which is great because my sister’s a vegetarian and makes wonderful dishes full of vegetables. So this year we ate turkey cooked by my dad, which was moist and delicious, and stuffed peppers with tofu and six varieties of beans and rice cooked by my sister. My mom’s dishes were delicious too, but her stuffing was incomparable to my father-in-laws. I’ll have to make his recipe two years from now.
On the whole, Thanksgiving was wonderful. I made some crunchy sweet potatoes that were tasty. I liked not being limited to having only traditional Thanksgiving foods. We had pleasant conversations and smiles abounded. I took the entire day off from writing and working of any kind. That was in and of itself a small miracle. I hope that suffices for my slacker prompt.      


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