Thursday, November 29, 2012

Changes in Thinking

Despite health issues, I have had a good bit of experience being a tutor now, and it has taught me a lot. Firstly, I have learned better how to communicate with other students. A lot of students, even if they are trying my patience, are simply trying to get help, or improve themselves. In fact, I really admire the students who come to the writing center for help. Not everyone is able to do that, and it is really great that so many students seek help willingly.

In terms of myself and my schoolwork, I think I've become more aware of my own errors. I am also more thorough when it comes to editing my papers. I find myself double checking my thoughts on citations, organization, and flow. I also now make sure someone else goes over my work now. In particular, I tend to keep an eye out for using words that I would use in speech, but that don't work in writing.

Being a tutor has also opened up my mind to getting help in general. Even though I am confident about my writing ability, I've always known that there were ways to improve. However, tutoring has helped me to focus on what the problems areas could be, what to look for, and who to ask for help.


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