Thursday, September 01, 2011


While I haven't had the chance to actually tutor someone, I have been able to sit in on a few sessions. What I have seen from my observations puts me much more at ease than I was before. It seems like most people that come in aren't required to be here, mostly because they are so easy going about visiting. My expectations were to see a bunch of crazy and belligerent college students biting at the throats of the people that are trying to help them. I as so glad that this hasn't been the case, at least so far.

What did catch me off guard was teaching the workshops. Initially, I was very nervous about teaching them, and I think my nervousness was well placed. Being in front of that many people is pretty nerve racking, and I found myself almost shaking throughout the first three sessions. On my fourth session, I felt like I was getting the hang of it and opened myself up a bit, and as a result, the rest of the room also opened itself.

Teaching the workshops has given me great insight into what teachers go through while teaching their classes, and I respect them so much more now. Timid students can be kind of awkward, but not nearly as awkward as a room full of staring eyes. The hecklers also add a bit of relief to the room, which kind of loosens me up. It was a good experience. Maybe.


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