Friday, August 26, 2011

Rusty English

What I am most nervous about tutoring this semester is that my English has gotten a little rusty. English has always been what I am best at and what I enjoy the most, but since pursing nursing my English courses have been far and few between. I did write on for my college newspaper, The College Times, at Utah Valley University. Writing for a college paper is different than submitting something for a class, you have editors look your work over and people are reading it with a different purpose. I was a columnist so I got to put a lot of myself into my writing, which may not be the case for the research paper I will be reading over with students.
Sometimes I think that it is better for someone who struggled with a subject to teach it, because they can explain to better and in many ways understand the material in a way that most people can relate to. I struggled with Algebra I really had to think through each problem. I probably could teach Algebra because I have to think about why you do each step. This is not the case for me in reading and composition.I read a lot, love to write, but why does a comma go there, I don’t always know. I learn to play tennis very quickly after a month I was playing varsity singles for my high school team. However, when my husband asks me how to improve his serve I can’t really tell him because it comes so naturally to me. I hope tutoring will not be this way for me. I have always done well in my English classes, I just hope I can explain what I know.


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