Thursday, August 25, 2011

What I'm nervous about

In regards to myself, I suppose that one of the things I'm most nervous about would be an instance where I advised the student to make a decision about the composition of his or her paper that turned out to be a mistake. Also, when I look back on my days teaching English in Beijing, I remember having performance anxiety while standing in front of a classroom of thirty to forty students waiting for me to spell a huge word that I was not quite familiar with. I guess it comes with the territory though. Students need people who either know the answers or can find them quickly.

Another area of contention, between the tutor and the student, might arise when the issue of awkward usage versus grammatical error is eventually encountered. Luckily, we're all attending this class so that we'll know exactly where to draw the line. I'm pretty sure everyone is quite familiar with the parts of speech and the definitions of their functions, but a class that really helped me to identitfy the basic shape that our language takes, in either written or spoken form, was English 3030.


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