Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Nervous Now Than I Was Before

The thing that makes me the most nervous about tutoring is not being able to help a student. Either I won't know the answer, or I won't be able to give help. With not knowing the answer, I know that I can always find it by asking another tutor or researching it. But I'm worried about those papers on which a student is really looking for help, yet I can't provide it. I'm talking about those who have a really good paper, and I can't give any constructive feedback. I can't just tell them, "Oh, that's a great paper. Good job!" First of all, that would not be effective tutoring, and second, if I had a good paper and I took it to the writing center for help, I would hope and expect that the tutor would give me something to work with. So I guess I'm afraid to be expected of and not be able to follow through.

Another thing that scares me is a language barrier. I just want to help, and I imagine it could get pretty frustrating for myself and the tutee if we are not understanding each other.

Frustrated, scared, shy, and disinterested tutees are another barrier that I am worried about. I am nervous about trying to engage them when they don't want to be engaged and when they don't want to be there.


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