Thursday, August 25, 2011

Leesen to da reethum an don be escart

I'm not nervous about tutoring.

Let me explain.  Last spring, about a week after I got the job in the writing center, Claire asked me to help teach a workshop.  The subject that day was prepositions.  I knew from the script Claire had given me that a preposition was a word that described position in place or time.  I don't remember the sentence we used as an example, but it had the word "as" in it. Something like, "Amy brushed her hair as she waited for the bus."  I quite proudly explained that "as she waited for the bus" was the prepositional phrase that placed Amy in time and space.  Well I was wrong.  Claire quickly cut in to explain that "as" is not a preposition but a subordinating conjunction.  I was embarrassed, really embarrassed, but it passed. I live to tutor another day. An old hispanic grandmother once explained to me that to dance one simply had to "leesen to da reethum an don be escart."   The writing center is full of people that can help, so the music is pretty easy to follow. I'm not a grammarian.  I didn't know what a subordinating conjunction was.  There are many things I don't know, but there can't be a better place to learn than the writing center.


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