Friday, October 08, 2010

P-U!!! Something Stinks!

Let me raise my hands in submission to the double indent myth... I also had no idea that you could abbreviate University and Press as P and U. I always thought that you just had to spell things out so that a visually challenged sloth could figure out exactly where you received all of your information from. One of the biggest shifts in understanding came from realizing that, no, you do not need to underline the titles of books. I did that all through High School, and no one ever corrected me on it. Talk about making the walls of my citation religion crumble! That was one of its fundamental precepts! So, after the wicked priests of JoshLA were scattered and deposed from their unrighteous reign, I was baptized with the fire of MLA, and emerged a purified teacher of its principles. I actually prefer MLA to APA... I have no idea what Chicago might have in store for me, or Turabian for that matter. Perhaps Kyle, the Prime Minister of Citations and Turabian Advocate, can set me straight... Anywho, I feel that I have become all the wiser with regards to MLA, and I am looking at investing in the MLA Bible... Amen.


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