Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How Has Being A Tutor Affected Me as A Student

            I have learned a lot about writing since I became a tutor. As I delve into students’ papers and works of the masters, I can appreciate both how much I know about writing as well as how much I do not know. I feel confident in my own writing, yet I’m much more prone to mistrust my first instinct, as I am still overcoming some bad writing habits. I no longer have any reservations when it comes to offering feedback on any piece of literature, and I notice grammar issues wherever I go.
            Tutoring is one of those things that I think is good, but have not yet learned to use myself. I have considered taking one of my own papers in to the writing center, but I feel a sense of pride when it comes to actually receiving feedback on my own work by my fellow tutors. I guess in some ways it has made me a better writer, but as I’m thinking about it, being a tutor myself might be holding me back in some ways. There’s no doubt I could benefit from some help with some aspects of my writing, but because I know “the tricks of the trade,” I’m hesitant to request help.
            Hmmm… I should work on that. I’m thinking that my last observation will be one that I do when I bring in my own paper, don’t tell the master tutor who I am, and get feedback on something. I think this would be a good exercise for me as a tutor as well as a writer.
            Another thing it has done is made me a grammar Nazi. I don’t mean when it comes to speaking to my friends or family, rather when it comes to commercials, movies, pop songs, etc. I don’t claim to be the master of these things either, but I do notice when people make a mistake.
            I think being a tutor has been both good and bad for me as a writer. Good because I understand more about the mechanics of English and can write better papers on my own; bad because I am over-confident in my abilities and not likely to seek out help where I would probably benefit from it. Writing this blog has brought this to my attention, however, and I am only writing this blog because I am a tutor, so there’s still time!

            Honestly, I think I am in a better place now than where I was before I became a tutor. Sure, I’m a little more stressed with the extra work hours and class, but I have learned a lot about what it takes to write well as well as what it takes to be a teacher. Since that is my dream, I am grateful for the tutoring I have received as I have worked as a tutor. 


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