Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blog 12

When I came to Weber State University, I had heard some pretty horrible things. “You’re going to Weber State? Mine as well just go to Salt Lake City Community College. You’d get a better education there.” I never thought anything of it and knew that Weber State University had my major, Interpersonal Communications. It’s a very specific major that isn’t offered at very many schools. Upon arriving here I began planning out my next 3 years of college. I love English, so I knew I wanted to be an English minor, but as I began figuring out what classes I needed to take I realized that with a communications major and an English minor I would be just a couple of credits away from having two majors. I decided to forego the minor and duel major.

            As I explained this to one of my friends who had been attending Weber State for some time know he informed me that I should try to get a job in the writing center. This was a week into the semester, and I thought it would be impossible, but I figured what would it hurt? I began tutoring, and at first struggled.  I was curious what I could do to accomplish work and school and then it hit me, why do they have to be inseparable.  Work was part of school and if I apply the principals I learn in the tutoring class, and in tutoring sessions, then I could be a better student. It also stood true for the other side, if I apply those things I’m learning in class to my tutoring session than I can be a better tutor.

            This changed the way I look at school. Before I became a tutor I thought of school as a game. You follow the rules the teacher sets for you, and you’ll get to the end and win. Your award is simply a piece of paper that says you have won the game of education. But now, I am able to have a better understanding of this “game.” Students aren't necessarily in to get a piece of paper, but they are trying to find themselves. Students come from all walks of lives, and each one is in college for a different reason. Student, as a universal term, fails. We are individuals with a similar end site, but very different goals. We are math students, English students, philosophy students, etc., but we are all STUDENTS. Once I recognized this, I realized how hard it must be for a teacher to differentiate between the students’ cultures.

            After starting this job I am glad that I am attending Weber State University. Those horrible comments I had been previously told were so far from the truth. Weber State, and any university for that matter, is a great place for a student to learn. School is a great place for a student to find out who they are. Education is a major role in an individual’s life and that opportunity to be a “student” completely changes a person.



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