Tuesday, September 11, 2012

WWW - Week Went Well

I had my first tutoring session.  It was helping a student with a personal narrative for ENG 1010.
It went very well.  I discovered that I was actually nervous about the technical issues of getting the student signed in, etc.
I felt very prepared to help the student once we got through all the sign-in technicalities, which Rachel was very good about helping me with.  The student's own sense of calmness prevented me from feeling scared at all.  I had a friend who claimed I "wasn't scared of anything" because I served in the US Army Special Forces and jumped out of airplanes.  But my Airborne training did nothing to prepare me for a tutoring session!  I think the fact that I had a calm student with a good paper had more to do with my sense of ease than keeping my feet and knees together as I prepared to complete a PLF (parachute landing fall).
The student's paper was well written.  Helping with a well written paper prevented any feeling of being overwhelmed.
Elation?  Denfinitely!  I was proud and happy that I was able to participate in a positive experience with writing in the Writing Center.  I am looking forward to my next session and trying to keep myself grounded in the probability that I will eventually have a session that may not be as awesome as my first one.


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