Friday, September 07, 2012


Blog Post for the week of 9-7-12
From what I have read from the other posts my fellow coworkers have posted, I can see that there is a common thing we all seem to share a fear in.  We are afraid of making mistakes and failing the people who seek help. I have very mixed feelings for the subject of English. Sentence structure, parts of speech, and grammar are things I find in this part of English easy to recognize and understand. For example, the following sentence is incorrect: If I was you I get going. This is not a proper sentence. The sentence would read better if it was written like the following: If I were you, I would leave. This makes more sense in my opinion and flows with more ease. Anyhow, I find it relatively easy to catch these kinds of mistakes whether it is by listening to someone speak aloud or reading written words on paper. The task I have discovered to be the hardest for me at this point in my writing career would be composing a researching paper. The introduction, thesis, and conclusion are the things I find the hardest to create. The main idea or topic takes the longest for me to decide on; I have to get it just right. Once those few things are out of the way the rest of the writing and composing of the paper is not as difficult to do. Having my thesis, I can develop and decide what I want the supporting material to be. The research for the supporting data can be tricky to find. You want to make sure you find credible and reliable sources to help with the creditability of your paper. The supporting material is the words that are used to fill in the space in between the beginning and ending paragraphs known as the introduction and conclusion. Other than creating and developing a thesis, these parts of a research paper have always been a challenge for to come up with. I know to acquire a reader’s attention and interest one needs to have an exciting introduction, something that draws the reader into reading what your paper has to say. As for the conclusion, a decent paper needs to have a fitting evening that sums up everything the paper talked about. Finding the right words for an opening and ending paragraph can prove to be somewhat problematic. Since I have trouble with these areas of writing, I am worried that I may make the mistake of telling a fellow student the wrong thing, having them leave confused, and end up receiving a poor grade on a particular assignment dealing with matter. I know I am not going to win every challenge that comes my way. The thought of giving some the wrong information and having them come back to tell you were incorrect would be incredibly embarrassing.  I will give it my all and try to do as much as possible to help any student that comes to the writing center seeking guidance. The good thing about knowing what gives me the most of a challenge is that I can work in it and hopefully improve somewhat. 


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