Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grammar and Grenades

My first session was pretty easy. There simply were not too many issues with the paper. Aside from a few grammar mistakes, the paper itself flowed nicely, and communicated the ideas of the student well.

The paper was about grenades; the ways that they can be used for fun, and how they can be used to hurt. The paper itself was an interesting look at the topic, especially the parts about using it for fun. One part in particular struck me, about how a grenade didn't seem dangerous just looking at it.

I was quite nervous before I started. It all seemed to be going to quickly. One moment I was sitting down, and the next I was shaking a student's hand and leading them to a table. Once I actually started I began to feel more confident. I was amazed that my voice didn't shake. But I managed to keep myself steady, and to point out as well as explain the issues that I was finding. Reading the paper aloud also helped me to calm myself. Even though there was always this worry in the back of my mind that I would mess up and give them a wrong answer, overall I started to feel like I was getting it right. The session seemed to flow naturally, and very soon the student was on his way again, with a now corrected paper.

Since then I've done four more sessions, and my nerves have considerably waned. Overall I feel as if I'm starting to enjoy tutoring, and I look forward to doing more.


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