Friday, October 15, 2010


I don't remember any specific experiences off the top of my head, but I have an general positive feeling - I haven't had any negative experiences. More and more now, I feel like my box is being opened up more and more as I continue my schooling here. I don't actually recall which of my classes was my "diversity" course. It was probably one that counted for two requirements. Here at the writing center I feel that probably had more experiences than I've had at one time. This is probably because I tend to just attend class and then go on with my little life without much thought about getting to know the members of my class. I suppose I just don't realize when people are different than me; perhaps I'm too busy. I wasn't really into, and am still not really into, social events outside those of my close friends and family. This happens because I just didn't feel I had the time. It's sad and lame, especially since my next point is that I think one way to have meaningful exposure to diversity is to be involved in social events. I'm not the best example of this. Huge crowds are not my thing most of the time. I prefer smaller groups or one-on-one. But even being this way, one can still be open-minded and have experiences with those different than them. I suppose that even though there are less experiences, those few can still be meaningful.


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