Monday, November 18, 2013

Blog 12: My Progress

My experience tutoring this past year has definitely made me a better student. Before I transferred to Weber and became independent from my mother, I was not allowed to have a job while in school. She always thought that I would either get too distracted trying to make money or become irresponsible with keeping up with my homework and exams, and I would not be able to get into the teaching program. Being able to become a tutor part time has boosted my confidence in my ability to balance work and school. Also, I am more comfortable taking initiative with projects, and now that I am beginning to student teach, having initiative is extremely imperative to my supervisors. Actually, in my evaluations, they noted I am a lot less introverted when I first started, and I know that is due to me working here. And, of course, the way I write has improved as well. Learning all the grammar rules and ways to fine tune my writing has made my schoolwork a lot more polished.

I also think I has changed my outlook on being a student. I learned how I function in the workplace and classroom through taking the Strength’s Quest and how I learn through gaining knowledge about my learning styles. The most important things was probably my learning style. I had absolutely no clue why I did things the way I did until this semester. I have learned how to actually study and the best way to me to study, so I understand the concepts I read about and retain the information when I go take an exam. I figured out that I do not actually procrastinate, but it just takes me awhile to sort through my thoughts and put them on paper. Being a tutor has also made me realize that most of the work my teachers assigned me was not just busy work or random assignments, but they actually have a purpose or an intent to them. Finally, I have come to totally not hate working in a group. I am not a people person, so I have always hated the idea of having to communicate with other people to get things done. I would rather do the work myself because I knew it would be quality work.

I am not really sure if being a tutor has affected the way I think about myself as a student. If anything, it makes me remember to be a little more empathetic towards my teachers. Students, in general, seem selfish to me and do not really think about the broader implications of their actions. I guess it makes me more aware of myself and how I conduct myself in class, as far as participating in class discussions anyway. But, I have always thought of myself as a good student because I got really good grades, so I can say I know why I am a good student now.

Regardless of whether I became a better student or not, being a tutor has been one of the best experiences for me. Becoming a better person, in general, has made me a better student and educator.


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