Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Plans

I'm not entirely sure of what I will be doing for Thanksgiving, but I have not purchased a ticket to fly home so hopefully my family will decide to spend Thanksgiving in Utah. I really do not want to drive home for Thanksgiving and then back down again for winter break. My father's family lives in Sandy so my family might decide to come up to celebrate with them because he doesn't see them very often. We have only spent Thanksgiving with my dad's family one other time, and it wasn't much of a success because they aren't from the United States and don't really understand much about a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. My grandma is a great cook, but only when it comes to traditional Brazilian foods. Its really quite funny to watch them celebrate Thanksgiving because it doesn't really apply to them at all, but they have tried to adapt to the "American ways." Also, these family gatherings are pretty comical because of my dad's inability to remember to translate for us. The last Thanksgiving we spent with them consisted of a burnt turkey, cold mashed potatoes, and no sight of stuffing, gravy, or pumpkin pie. They were nice enough to try for us, and it was worth it to be able to spend time with them.

Regardless of the past mess, I would still much rather spend Thanksgiving up here than have to drive down to Las Vegas. I actually really love this holiday, and I look forward to seeing my family again. Oh and I'm tremendously excited to go shopping the day afterwards.


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