Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Pumpkin 3.14159"... Get it?!

It seems a little off to have a blog-prompt about what we’re finding in the blog due the same week as our blog survey. I feel like I’m going to repeat myself a lot… but for the sake of having a good paper, I’m going to try and be as different as I can between the two.

The biggest theme I’ve noticed as I survey the blog is that the tutors all start out with the same fears and insecurities. By the end of the semester, they all feel better about things and have good advice to offer. Another interesting thing is that as time goes on, people get better about blogging. What I mean is, in 2004 when this thing started, blogging was still fairly new. People didn’t know what to do so they tried to answer the blog-prompts but often times got very off-topic and were a little more “creative” than “academic.” By the end of the blog, however, I feel like people were able to fin the balance between the 2. The responses are still creative but they stick much better to the prompt than our ancestor-tutors did.

Another thing I’m finding as I survey the posts is that a lot of the tutors are very similar – or more important, the type of person who wants to tutor is very unique. While we all have different ideas and beliefs, likes and dislikes, we are all very similar. When reading the blogs from the past few years, I could think to myself “that sounds a lot like something ‘Person X from the Writing Center’ would say.”

Like Chad, another theme I noticed running from year to year was how much thanksgiving influences people’s lives. People like pie. They like over-eating, then complaining about it later. I don’t blame Americans for forgetting the ‘true meaning’ of the holiday though. As a consumer-driven nation, built upon the foundation that we are free to do whatever we want because we are awesome (ok, so the founding fathers were a little more delicate in their wording, but that’s pretty much what they meant), it’s only natural that every major holiday be changed from religious or secular ceremony to consumerist celebration. For more on this, listen to Jim Gaffigan’s explanation of the Holidays.

here’s the video, in case you want to watch it. It’s hilarious! I know this is off topic, but as I mentioned before, I don’t want to completely destroy all my good points for my “blog survey” assignment here on the blog, so I’m filling in my required word count with semi-related things. Seriously though, watch the video. It makes me laugh every time!!


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