Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I haven't yet been able to tutor, but I have had the opportunity to observe three or four sessions. Being able to observe the tutor and tutee in action has helped ease my anxieties of tutoring. While I still have a lingering nervousness, I feel much more confident in conducting my own session.

None of the sessions I observed were of a student who was required to be there. All the students who came genuinely wanted help. There was one such session where the student was very grateful that the tutor was able to make him see how he could convey his main points more effectively. The problem was that the tutee was being very vague in his introduction of his paper. He communicated to the tutor that that was how he wanted it. The tutor continued on to see if the vagueness added or subtracted from his paper. At the end, both tutee and tutor discovered that a little bit of organization fixes would add much more to the paper.

The student was especially grateful. After the organization was aligned, the tutee learned that his main point was no longer muddled and vague, and the paper read much clearer.

Because of this session, I was able to actually see the rewards of helping people by tutoring. It makes me very excited to be able to see a student's eyes light up from learning something by just pointing them in the right direction.


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