Friday, November 04, 2005

order? Or odor?

It was an interesting discussion we had in class today! It's funny, but Katie and Kassie and I agree that these classes make us think for a long time after they're over, and they make our brains hurt! Thinking, oh my! I hate classes that make me think.

I'm going to go off on a tangent here. I just watched a documentary on PBS about Einstein and his developing theory of relativity, and one of the reasons why he was such a genius was he based his ideas on simple, every day life occurances. He would see two trains passing each other, a clock tower striking the hour, a boat gliding through the water, and he would display these objects as part of his thinking of the speed of light. "If I hold up a mirror to my face, and I was travelling the same speed as the speed of light, would I be able to see my face?" These small matters of existence puzzled him greatly, and it caused Einstein's theories to spiral outward into---dimensions and space and other puzzling things.

This is how I feel when I am thinking about order. Does order spiral outward into more order? Is our modern system of writing a system of order? When we see two sentences linked together to create more sentences in a paragraph, how do we know that there is an order and a logical link between them? We know that the standard topic sentences and body and transitional sentences are the academic's way of explaining order in writing, but what about the common, simple way to think of writing? I believe that Einstein had something great when he observed everyday life. If we thought of two sentences, three, four, reaching toward one purpose and goal, then the writing gains new significance, and we are able to see meaning in one direction. This could create order for us if every word and transitional phrase and punctuation had a specific meaning to the reader. Maybe this is the "flow" that makes papers what is considered good.

Sometimes I wish writing could solve the mysteries of the universe! :)
And I also want to add that I should moon people more often to see if people point out the error of my ways! Thanks Brett!


Blogger Kelley Evans said...

I'm also going to add that I should moon people more often to see if they could point out the error of my ways! Thanks Brett!

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