Sunday, November 03, 2013

2010 once, 2010 twice!

I tested out of 1010, so I never had to take it.  I took 2010 at the University of Utah.  I enrolled in it one semester, but because of a scheduling conflict with work and a problem with the instructor (who was not a native English speaker and I found him hard to understand), I had to drop it.  I enrolled in it the next semester when work allowed and took it from a Master's-degree-seeking student who was really fun to work with.  We did all sorts of assignments, but she told us early on that we would have to pick a topic that would interest us for the semester. This scared me because I knew it would be hard to find something I could care about for the next 3 months.

I picked how technology, specifically cell phones, is ruining interpersonal communication skills.  I enjoyed doing research on that, especially when it came to aspects of the brian and the differences in communication centers between genders.  We did annotated bibliographies and research evaluations, all sorts of smaller assignments that built up to one big paper.  I believe the paper was 12-15 pages.  Doing smaller assignments to lead up to the larger one made the shock of doing a 12-15 page paper as a sophomore not as dramatic as it could have been.


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More proof that the right teacher, with the right methodologies can reach students in a meaningful manner.

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