Wednesday, September 04, 2013

First Session (of the semester)

Ok, so my first session this semester was unique because it was someone I knew, but not very well. The tutee was a friend of a friend, someone I had met a few times. That provided an interesting dynamic because I started the session with a bit of a rapport already built. I wasn't starting from scratch like I usually do. I wasn't scared or nervous, though, as I didn't have a break between semesters -- I tutored over the summer, so I didn't really feel out of practice. However, I did get a little nervous when one of the new tutors observed me -- that hasn't been done for a while, and that made me nervous. I realized that someone who is new was going to be observing my session, expecting me show him a great example of what tutoring should look like. That's a lot of pressure, and that made me more nervous than starting tutoring again. I think it went well, and the observer seemed to get a lot of good info/asked some good questions after the session, and we had a good discussion after.


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