Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wacky Grammar (Or Lack Thereof)

Truthfully, the wacky grammar rules I was taught are a little different, because overall I wasn't taught grammar in school. We briefly went over when to use periods and exclaimation points and the like, but no one ever really taught us grammar rules.

Teachers would correct our papers, but that is it. Most of the knowledge I've gained over the years has come from reading so many books. Through those books I started to learn about sentence structure, grammar, and more. The only difference was with commas; we did in fact learn the idea that every space for a breath should either be a comma or a period. This caused me to often overuse commas for a very long time, although lately I have been able to kick the habit.

I know it seems strange; perhaps it was because I went to a very small school, but I really did only learn grammar through my own devices. All of my teachers seemed to assume we had been taught it already, so they did not bother to teach us about it further. We went over organization, word choice, essays, literature, and yet we never truly covered grammar. Honestly its amazing to me that I understand grammar as well as I do, considering my schooling.


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